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  • Re: My potty moves...

    the removal of toilet , examine the flange and its' relative height to the floor. If the flange is about 1/2" higher/lower  and level you are ok. Now the 2-tee bolts have to be checked, they should be solidly
    in Forum - Bath & Kitchen Forum
  • Re: Replace Flushmate with regular flush valve

    My best suggestion is don't try to alter what has been engineered. I have had 2 flushmates in my home for over 20 years with good performance. There was a recall because of the explosive nature of
    in Forum - Bath & Kitchen Forum
  • Re: remodel flow chart anyone?

    A half bath is a good start for a novice, if a pedestal sink is chosen then the plumbing rearrangement is probably in order as well as electrical placement in relationship to the pedestal/mirror size.
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  • Re: Toilet flushing problem

    The question you raise is two fold. First is the water delivery which is the Fluid Master400A. The second part is when you trip the flush lever the flapper doesn't have enough "hang" time
    in Forum - Plumbing Forum
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