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Table saw reviews

Posted: 20 Jul 2011 4:05 PM By: 2handy Replies: 3

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  • Table saw reviews

    I am looking to purchase a new table saw for my shop. Looking for a hybred type saw in the $ 750 to $ 1000 price range range, considering JET Pro shop, Grizzly, and woodtech to name a few. Looking for web reviews or personal suggestions . Need a good table and fench set up.

  • Re: Table saw reviews

    I know this isnt what you were asking for, but I was looking at the same type of table you were. I decided to go with the cheaper and portable Ridgid R4510. Wonderful reviews! And man would I agree with them. Its great. I love it. Plus, the storage of it is ALOT better than the bybridss you are looking at. 

  • Re: Table saw reviews

    Ridgid R4510 is a great table saw my friend have it and is very satisfied.

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  • Re: Table saw reviews

    I own a craftsman 22114 and am very happy with it.   Rarely bogs even under thick hardwood.



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