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Water in toilet bowl slowly drains out each time after it fills up from flushing

Posted: 11 May 2012 3:55 PM By: bgj Replies: 1

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  • Water in toilet bowl slowly drains out each time after it fills up from flushing

    I have a toilet that after i have flushed the toilet and the toilet bowl (not tank) fills up again with water, it then slowly drains out of the toilet bowl, until the water level is so low, you can barely see any water in the toilet bowl.  When I asked someone what they thought might be causing the problem, they said that the main drainpipe for the house was full, and that it probably needed snaked out at the far end where it comes out at the septic tank. The other bathroom toilet bowl stays filled after flushing, as normal and the 3 sinks through out the house all seem to work fine (no problem with water draining out & not backed up). Wouldn't the other bathroom toilet also be having the same problem (bowl water slowly draining out again after fills up) and wouldn't i also have problems with the sinks/shower drains backing up if the main drainpipe was full? Anyone have any suggestions? I, myself thought that the problem might be that the toilet seal might be leaking.

  • Re: Water in toilet bowl slowly drains out each time after it fills up from flushing

    one thing you should do is go in the basement

    directly under the toilet and look at the wood that makes up the floor surrounding the toilet

    see if its darker then the rest of the wood.

    If so, then you have a leak. From where? that i cant tell you, Thats something youll have to find while sstanding there.


    B) How old is the toilet?

    If you think its over 20 years, and it was there before you, then it might make sence to drain the toilet,

    unbolt it from the floor and change the wax flange / ring with a new one thats under the toilet.

    Its possible you have an air leak going on there which lets the water BELOW the trap, pull air in.

    If air is coming in, then water is going out and a slow leak will loose water slowly.


    C) Now this is one youll need to get a pro ( or family who knows a bit of plumbing) to look at.

    Get someone to look at the drain assemply under the toilet.
    Just have them make sure the S-TRAP for the drainage is setup correctly.

    There  couple be too much LENGTH of vertical pipe before the trap,

    This will create too much vertical weight over the trap, and slowly PUSH the water down the drain just from gravity.

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