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Front Door Paint Bubbles

Posted: 1 Nov 2011 12:24 AM By: LuckyToo Replies: 1

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  • Front Door Paint Bubbles

    Initial coating was wood stain with a clear coating.  The noon hot sun, on this south facing wood door, destroyed the surface finish in a year.  Sanded the door, stained and applied two coats of spar varnish.  This coating lasted several years.  Next, after a through sanding, was the application of six thin sprayed coats of latex paint.  The hot sun produced dollar sized latex paint.bubbles. The recent painter guaranteed no bubbles...sanding down to a solid hard surface, applying oil based undercoat and two coats of premium quality acrylic exterior semi-gloss enamel paint.  The bubbles reappeared in a few days  and the painter is not here to honor his guarantee.

    Any suggestions?/  Please help

  • Re: Front Door Paint Bubbles

    some thought on the blistering:

    1. Did you check the moisture content of the door before painting? Did the door get wet between sanding and painting?

    2. Did you let the door dry/cure fully before exposing it to the strong south-side sun?

    3. I assume your painter made sure that the oil based undercoat and the enamel topcoat is compatible? Sometimes combining different brands of undetcoat and topcoat will have adhesion failures like the blistering.


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