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How Do I Run Wire in Almost No Crawl Space?

Posted: 11 Jan 2012 1:31 PM By: Dr_jinG Replies: 4

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  • How Do I Run Wire in Almost No Crawl Space?

    Newb, here!

    I need to run a phone line from the service box over to my home office on the other side of my house.  Though I could run it externally, this would take a very long path and look ugly.  I'd rather run it through my attic, which would be cleaner and shorter, but a long section (about 25') is a very small crawl space with insulation taking up most of that space.  What can I do to run the wire above the insulation? 

    I'm REALLY regretting, now, not running this when we had our roof replaced last year...

  • Re: How Do I Run Wire in Almost No Crawl Space?

    Here are a couple ideas.

    One can use a "fish tape", a spring steel strand that is about an eighth of an inch wide, a sixteenth of an inch thick, and is in lengths from 25 to 100 feet.  One can push it into a hole through the outside of the house, into the crawl space, and as the tape is being inserted, "bounce" the tape across the ground of the crawl space.

    Be sure to use a wire that has insulation that is classified CL2, or equivalent, and I strongly recommend that the pairs of conductors be twisted.  A common wire that meets this is the, so-called, CAT 3, or category 3, wire.  The most readily available, at the home centers, will be a 4-pair, but you may find a 3- or a 2-pair.  Just don't use the extra pairs.

    Any wire placed on the outside of the house has to have a CL2, or equivalent, rating and must also be "sunlight resistant".

    Use staples that don't pinch the wire, and support as often as you can, the get it to follow the building surface.  However, the wire in the tight area of the crawl space can reasonably be left loose.

    Connect one end to the Telco Interface and expect to install a jack on the other end, a standard "modular" jack that will receive the plug on the end of the phone set's cord.

  • Re: How Do I Run Wire in Almost No Crawl Space?

    Here's a Family Handyman article on fishing wires through the voids of buildings:

    Good fishing!

  • Re: How Do I Run Wire in Almost No Crawl Space?

    Many thanks for the advice, ElectricAL!  I do have fish tape, so I'll give that a try, and will look for Cat-3 wire.


  • Re: How Do I Run Wire in Almost No Crawl Space?

    It depends how far you are fishing the wire from, but I have used this technique for years, I would first start locating a good spot for the phone jach on the interier wall preferably because you can't get close to the outside wall from under, after I locate the spot I would cut a a hole for the phone jack box "remodeling low voltage box" , I then drill a hole 3/4 to 1" down, make sure that there are no pipes or electrical wiring under, don't go too fast , go slowly when the bit go through, I use a magnetic chain ball to drop inside the wall or tie a nut with a fishing robe and get a strong magnet and tape it to a retractable handle or fiber glass fishing sticks, I use a thin light inside the whole to see where is the magnetic nut or the chain ball , I Used magic stud finder targets to tape the end of the stick, they are very powerfull, I hope this will help you , Good Luck

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