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Issue with Delta (11946) Bellini Kitchen Faucet

Posted: 9 Oct 2012 10:29 AM By: heveymetil Replies: 1

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  • Issue with Delta (11946) Bellini Kitchen Faucet

    Hello everyone,

    We have entered the final stages of our first major renovation - our kitchen.  All that's left is the plumbing for the dishwasher, disposal and faucet.

    I installed my sink yesterday and used Delta model 11946 SSSD DST (Bellini) single-handle faucet for the sink.

    My problem is this:  the on-off control does not fit "thru" the sink hole, but rather floats on top.  There is a cutout on the bottom with a diameter a few mm larger than the sink hole.  When I attempt to tighten the plate underneath the sink, the torque throws off the on-off controller and it tilts back toward the back of the sink. 

    Shouldn't all sink components fit "THRU" the sink holes?  The faucet and spray nozzle did - but this controller is not working.

    Any help is appreciated.



  • Re: Issue with Delta (11946) Bellini Kitchen Faucet

    I think some sink components doesn't  really always fit thru the sink holes. You also have to took the size first.


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