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Kitchen trash can chewing up wall

Posted: 29 Dec 2012 12:22 PM By: JDHacc Replies: 2

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  • Kitchen trash can chewing up wall

    My kitchen trash can is too large for the spot under the sink (and the area under the sink is too small to accomodate one!).  We have a plastic step-on receptacle - and it is chewing up the wall behind it.

    The step-on action pushes the can into the wall because the can is angled so that the base is narrower than the top.

    The top edge of the can has worn a spot into the drywall behind it, chewing into the paper of the drywall (I can see the gypsum layer now).


    Any ideas for fixing this wall problem?

    The wall this is on is directly under a window ledge. I was thinking of attaching a chair-rail moulding, or adding beadboard to that part of the wall. Any thoughts? 

  • Re: Kitchen trash can chewing up wall

    Either a clear piece of thicker plastic screwed to wall, or build a small " door stop" along the baseboard to keep the trash can away from the wall.  Maybe a self stick rubber stopper on the back of the trash can, if you don't want to do anything to the wall.  

  • Re: Kitchen trash can chewing up wall


    It is pretty simple.  Go to your home center or hardware store and pick up some small rubber feet.  What you are looking for are actually cabinet door and drawer silencers or bumpers.  They are small round rubber buttons and are self sticking.  Place 3 - 4 on the bottom and you are good to go!  Second option is to pick up some of the rubber matting that you put under a rug.  Place your can on it, trace the outline, cut to shape.  No more wall damage.  Let me know if you need information on the wall repair.


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