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Replace ceramic top on slide-in range

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 9:48 AM By: Westportgal Replies: 1

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  • Replace ceramic top on slide-in range

    I have a Frigidaire slide-in electric range.  My husband dropped a heavy glass on the top and the ceramic broke.  We've ordered a replacement part and plan to install it this weekend.  We can't find any instructions that come with pictures to help us out.  How do we remove the top and install the new one?

  • Re: Replace ceramic top on slide-in range

    Not sure exactly on your Slide in Range.  I did replace the ceramic glass top on my stand alone cooktop many years ago - and it was much easier than I expected. I don't recall exactly how - and yours will be different - but I expect when you get the replacement top you will see the top attachment method and can proceed from there. I'd investigate how the top section is accessible on your current range too (it must slide/lift or hinge off). Its likely the fastenings are at the sides (back?) that will be hidden when installed. Since you can't use it now - probably worth digging into it ASAP...


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