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Replace Flushmate with regular flush valve

Posted: 25 Jan 2013 12:25 PM By: lariona Replies: 2

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  • Replace Flushmate with regular flush valve

    I have a toilet with Flushmate and would like to replace it with the regular one. I am thinking on just replacing the flush components in the tank - I guess the tank is pretty standard. However, there are some talks that the bowl itself is specific for Flushmate and will not work with the regular valve. Anybody have any information, experience, ideas?

  • Re: Replace Flushmate with regular flush valve

    You cannot replace a Flushmate with a regular toilet valve.The bowl itself is specially designed to work with the Flushmate system. Observe the shape and path of the pipe going from the tank to the bowl and compare to a regular toilet to see the difference.


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  • Re: Replace Flushmate with regular flush valve

    My best suggestion is don't try to alter what has been engineered. I have had 2 flushmates in my home for over 20 years with good performance. There was a recall because of the explosive nature of having a pressurized system housed in ceramic, these were specific years of production. I had to replace a part in one of the flushmates and paid $45.00 for the part-ouch!-Henry 

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