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laminate counter tops

Posted: 19 Feb 2013 3:38 PM By: diyman65 Replies: 4

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  • laminate counter tops

    How to restore the original finish/shine.

    only fouryears old. No abrasives used - ever. Finish now veery dull and old liiking.  Any ideas?

    Countertop magic does not work at all.

  • Re: laminate counter tops

    Have you tried paste wax or tung oil?

  • Re: laminate counter tops

    Can you post a picture.?

  • Re: laminate counter tops

    yeah it will be more easy to give you the answer if you can show any picture ..

  • Re: laminate counter tops

    Post some photos on the said problem so that we can give you an idea that's more relevant to what you are looking for.


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