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type of paint

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 6:28 PM By: hockeydad Replies: 1

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  • type of paint

    what type of paint do the pro's use for kitchen cabinets, we are just are updating the paint with the same color "white"  and we have been looking at cabinet coat, or a alkyd semi-gloss enamel........PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Re: type of paint

    In general, latex paints have been improving steadily, leading some pros to give up oil-based paints entirely. Because they dry quickly and clean up with water, latex paints are more user-friendly than oil-based paints. But many pros still favor oil-based topcoats, arguing that they form a harder, more durable paint film and level out to a smoother finished surface. Latex paints also take longer than alkyd-based paints to cure fully (up to two or three weeks), and in the meantime are susceptible to damage. Bottom line? Either type will provide a good finish. If you do use a latex paint, make sure it is a 100 percent acrylic formulation, which offers greater durability and adhesion than vinyl acrylic paints.


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