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Posted: 7 Mar 2013 8:55 PM By: jackswims Replies: 3

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  • Wall Protector

    In my kitchen we sit at the counter to eat. My daughter though likes to kick the wall underneath the counter leaving many marks. I can clean the wall but is there something I can put on the wall to prevent any marks in the future. Some sort of plastic sheet?

  • Re: Wall Protector

    You could install a kick plate, sold at most hardware stores.

    Or you could try making her cleaning it off and maybe she will stop.

  • Re: Wall Protector

    Why don't you put some cute wall paper so at least your kiddo will hesitate to kick the wall?


    Panel Pros Inc.

    “We Haul & Install”


  • Re: Wall Protector

    Yeah kick plate would be good option.

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