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Removing old hard caulk

Posted: 10 Mar 2013 1:59 PM By: dataz722 Replies: 4

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  • Removing old hard caulk

    We just recently moved into a new house and the master bath shower needs to be re-caulked.  It is cracked really bad with gaps large enough to make it so that we won't use the shower until it has been taken care of.  I went to try to remove what was there but it is rock hard.  At first I was even thinking they may have just used grout it was so hard.  I have tried just about everything I have and nothing is working.  Even a razor blade can hardly score it.

    Is this the job for an oscillating tool (i've been looking for an excuse to get one anyway)?  Or is there something else that I should try?



  • Re: Removing old hard caulk

    A 5-in-1 with a hammer may work but be careful not to make scratches. 

  • Re: Removing old hard caulk

    Have you tried contacting an expert? It won't hurt if you do so.


    Panel Pros Inc.

    “We Haul & Install”


  • Re: Removing old hard caulk

    I had the same issue at our house.  I tried scoring with a razor blade as much as possible but had to resort to a screw driver and hammer...just be careful where you set the screw driver and at what angle!

  • Re: Removing old hard caulk

    I think using a screwdriver and a hammer would be a perfect solution. Even if you do end up making damages in areas you didn't intend I can't imagine these damages would be difficult to repair either. Let us know how it goes!

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