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Advice for changing window in bathroom?

Posted: 19 Mar 2013 10:37 PM By: randyw57 Replies: 5

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  • Advice for changing window in bathroom?

    We are planning to redo our master bath and would like to do a lot of the work ourselves.
    Some items we could use some help with. For example, the window in the bathroom.
    There is a 48" wide window there now. After the redo that window will be too low and too far to the left. We plan to replace it with an Alliance 48" x 18" transom window.

    Question 1: How to get the old window out? It looks like that window is framed by studs on the two sides. And, I suspect, some framing on the top and bottom. Will it be screwed or nailed into that frame? What precautions need to be taken getting it out? Once it is out, what do we do with the hole on the outside of the house? How does that get properly sealed back up?

    Question 2: How does the new window go in? At 48" wide it will need to have at least one stud cut? What needs to be done to cut that open?

    Thanks for any tips or advice! 

  • Re: Advice for changing window in bathroom?

    Randy... Can you post a couple of pictures inside/outside with some descriptions as to what you want.?

    Single story or two story and what floor.?


  • Re: Advice for changing window in bathroom?

    That would be helpful. Please post some photos to make it  easier to give you a proper idea.


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  • Re: Advice for changing window in bathroom?


    Removing the existing window requires you to remove the case molding on the outside. The window will be nailed into place through a nailing flange.  This should be relatively easy to remove.

    It sounds like you will need a new rough opening framed for the new window.  This requires a header sized appropriately (2x6 or 2x8) with king and jack studs to support it.  If you are unfamiliar with this technique, then I suggest you hire it out. Since this is a structural mod to your home it will require a building permit and inspection.

    You will need to re-do the exterior sheathing, siding and trim systems for the new window.

    Lastly, if the window is in a wet area (shower or tub) consider a glazed block window instead.  They can be manufactured in vinyl frames and are impervious to moisture.


  • Re: Advice for changing window in bathroom?

    Hire professional ID or take help of them in home redo. Because insufficient knowledge could be dangerous in redo.

  • Re: Advice for changing window in bathroom?
    As far as removing the existing window is concerned you will have to remove the entire case molding thats on the outside. It would be much easier to advice with a picture or two. So, please upload it.
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