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Adding a storage closet

Posted: 24 Mar 2013 10:40 AM By: CaseyP Replies: 5

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  • Adding a storage closet

    We are closing on our new house soon! And of course my wife says she dont think that the house has enough storage and wants to put stuff in the shed out back. I shut that down real quick, thats for yard tools and other tools out there and there won't be any room. So I made a suggestion to her, theres a nock in the living room that we can't figure out what to put there and on the back side of the wall is the dining room. My suggestion was to take and close the nock off and put a door coming in from the dining room. She likes the idea, so that will be one of the first projects I do in the new house. Let me know if this is a good idea or not.

    The door is leading into a small office and the new door will be close to this one.

  • Re: Adding a storage closet

    It's a nice suggestion actually, since you don;t know what's the use of the space for now. It's a good thing you can customized your house.


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  • Re: Adding a storage closet

    Do you have a garage.?  

    The reason I ask is because the space your talking about can be used for other purposes that are less expensive and time consuming. 

    Here is a page from this site, browse through and see if any of the  garage projects may fit your need. Let us know.?





  • Re: Adding a storage closet


    This looks really nice. You have given a good suggestion. I liked your small office  as well.

  • Re: Adding a storage closet

    Once we got moved in and started putting things away my wife said that she doesn't think I will need to close that space in. It used to be a formal dining area, and since theres not really a room I can call my man cave I get this area. I've been busy doing upgrades to the kitchen, running icemaker line, cutting cabinets out and installing a dishwasher and changing out faucets since we moved in. I've got to either build a cabinet with drawers in it to go beside the dishwasher or find a set that is pre-made. I would say within the next 5 years we will be replacing all the cabinets in the kitchen and doing a tile or granite counter top. There are a bunch of things we will be changing about this place but it won't happen over night, though I wish it could.

  • Re: Adding a storage closet

    Hello Casey..

    Glad to hear everything is going good and would like to thank you for keeping us informed. Please hang around, as oldman would say, " Take what you need and give back what you can." 

    Did you check out the link above.? What did you think.?

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