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Bathroom update advice.

Posted: 12 Apr 2013 9:52 AM By: elisaac2629 Replies: 4

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  • Bathroom update advice.

    I’m needing some advice on updating our bathroom to be able to sell our house. As you can see from the pictures (don’t know why it shows them as 666…. :-/), everything is pretty much white except for the cabinets. The cabinets are painted some awful eggshell color and pretty shiny. The tub, the wall tiles, and the floor tiles are all white. There is also an awful looking scallop above the tub and all along the other side of the bathroom where toilet and vanity are. I’m needing suggestion on what I can do to redo cabinets, what colors of paint and what I should paint, and how to remove or hide those ugly scallops. Can someone give me advice? Thanks in advance.





  • Re: Bathroom update advice.

     I don't think you would need to do a full renovation.

    1st picture... Scrubbing the shower and making it super clean or even re grouting. Changing the doors to paneled doors and replacing the window trim with more modern trim.

    2nd picture... again, replace the vanity cabinet door/drawers fronts with a panel type. Replace the counter top, if the sink and faucet won't clean well replace it too. Keep cabinet, doors,  and trim white but paint it with a good quality enamel paint. If any areas need to be sanded do it, this makes it look proffesional. Same goes with the floor as with the shower.

    3rd picture... Again replace the trim, doors/ drawer fronts as above. 

    A new toilet and lid will seal the deal.

    Then pick out a very nice color for the rest of the bathroom.

    Note: A really nice  big medicine cabinet with lights would add the finishing touches.

    The link below will explain some of reasons for my answers..


  • Re: Bathroom update advice.

    Thank you so much. Practically anything will help this bathroom.

  • Re: Bathroom update advice.

    I’m needing some advice on updating our bathroom to be able to sell our house.
    In looking at your photos, I see a distinctive aesthetic that conotes an architectural period that is old enough that it has its own market value from a romantic appreciation of history.

    From your comments I get the impression you have a strong aesthetic of your own.

    From my decades of contracting work related to the buying and selling of homes, I council that your personal aesthetic is best applied to the NEW bathroom you are moving to, to use and enjoy for the years you will have it.  Ron45's suggestions are solid.  The link to the US News article is especially informative.

    Buyers purchase for reasons that have little to do with your tastes, rather, with their own deep personal emotional connections to other times, people and places.  So much so, that it is rare for what you think is beautiful to not be painted over, if not gutted entirely.

    I suspect that the rest of the house is from the same period as this bathroom, so removing details that tie to the architectural details of the rest of the house can, in fact, lower the price you will get.

  • Re: Bathroom update advice.

    @Elisaac2629, like ron said, you don’t need a full renovation. You can paint the cabinet in a beautiful color, whatever you like. The whole bathroom is white so it matches with whatever color you choose. Also, you should re-grout the shower; it’s a little old. If you want more improvement, you can replace the backsplash and the countertop with some mosaic tiles. If you want to finish fast, you can use a tile adhesive. I recently renovated my bathroom and I used Bondera Tile MatSet, it worked great!

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