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Looking for a vintage kitchen sink

Posted: 15 Apr 2013 12:20 AM By: Hernibug Replies: 1

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  • Looking for a vintage kitchen sink

    We are planning some remodeling this summer and would like to find a vintage or new cast iron kitchen sink. My wife would like to have a double basin high back sink with  no drain boards and a single faucet coming out of the back to fill both basins. Anyone have a source or an idea were I can check?  I am new to Family Handyman site and look forward to using this option. Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Looking for a vintage kitchen sink

    If you don't have any ideas of any local showrooms that deal with the products you are searching for then the best way is to search online. Write the name of the product along with the location then you would get the list of shops and showrooms that deal with it. Hope it helps.

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