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Porcelain versus quartzite tile

Posted: 29 Apr 2013 11:04 AM By: GMLNE Replies: 2

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  • Porcelain versus quartzite tile

    We are redoing our kitchen and our designer wants us to use quartzite tile instead of porcelain.  The designer says they are the same but I have my doubts.  Any help would be appreciated.

  • Re: Porcelain versus quartzite tile

    According to this article I would go with the quartz.




  • Re: Porcelain versus quartzite tile

    Are the quartzite tiles more expensive (they generally are)?

    I have had no problems installing ceramic tiles in kitchen and bathroom floors. We seal the grout but have not had to seal the porcelain. I have had red wine spill and cleaned up without staining. I know the quartzite is a little different to install.  The polymer in the mix makes the material cut up a little tricky (it actually can melt from the heat of a blade). Still need to use a wet saw with sharp blade.

    Up to you and designer, but perhaps the color scheme works out better with quartzite.

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