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Concrete bath vanity top finish

Posted: 6 Jun 2013 8:08 PM By: TrueVT Replies: 1

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  • Concrete bath vanity top finish

    I recently had a custom made concrete bath vanity, dual sink, countertop.  The polished (sheen) finish shows spots where the original finish coating appears to have been taken off by typical chemicals found in bathroom cosmetics.  Apparently the contractor applied some kind of hard wax (?) or similar coating which he polished off after the counter was installed.  The contractor is no longer in business and I don't know how to reapply or what to reapply to restore this otherwise beautiful two year old countertop.

  • Re: Concrete bath vanity top finish

    What type of finish is it?   Epoxy?   Wax?     What does the stain look like?   Is it oil based (darkening of the concrete)?   

    I make concete countertops and the best way to remove most stains is to do the following:

    Mix some acetone and baking soda together and apply the wet paste onto the stain.   Let it cover the stain completely with the powder.   Next cover the stain with some saran wrap and taped the edges down (make sure the baking soda covers the stain completely).   Let this sit overnight.  The next day remove the plastic (don't disturb the baking powder).   Let the powder/acetone mix dry completely over a few hours.  The acetone will have penetrated the stain.  As the acetone drys, the baking soda will extract the oils.   Remove the dried powder and  you should have also removed the stain.

    Most people that have granite or poured countertops are warned that they stain easily.  Its a risk of the surface.  Hope this helps.





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