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Pull-out, pop-up countertop wanted

Posted: 19 Jun 2013 1:10 PM By: JanelleH Replies: 2

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  • Pull-out, pop-up countertop wanted

    I am looking for some advice. I have a small kitchen that has a u-shaped work area. I want to change it to a L-shepd work area to open up the kitchen. I will lose counterspace when I do this. I have counterspace that is a designated desk are. I want to replace the desk with cabinets and put in a countertop that slides out from under the cabinet top on the cabinets and pops up flush with the cabinet top. That way, I can have the counterspace when needed and it would recess when not needed.

    It would be similar to the Rev-a-Shelf ironing board that is stored behind a drawer front. It pulls out and pops up. It would also be similar to the Rev-a-Shelf stand mixer platform that pulls out and pops up to counter height. It is spring loaded.

    I can do manage hte puull-out part with full extensions, but cannot figure out how to get it flush with the existing counter top.

    Has nayone seen such a product? I don' want to re-invent the wheel.


    Thanks for your input.

  • Re: Pull-out, pop-up countertop wanted

    Okay, after much research I found a cabinet within a cabinet carcass. The cabinet slides out using full extension slides, essentially doubling your counterspace. Even better that what I was looking for because it is very sturdy and doesn't limit access to the drawers and cabinet under the countertop. When finished, is recesses completely.

    The countertop stays at a lower level, however. Any ideas how I could get it to pop up a few inches to be flush with the counter on the cabinet carcass? I wouls really like it to look almost seamless. Or am I being unrealistic?



  • Re: Pull-out, pop-up countertop wanted

    I'm looking for exactly the same thing!  Anyone found anything other than drawers that pull out and that act as a table top but are not flush with counter top surface?

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