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Cannot completely close refrigerator doors (after removing them)

Posted: 18 Jul 2013 11:03 PM By: ttabi Replies: 2

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  • Cannot completely close refrigerator doors (after removing them)

    I had to remove the doors on my fridge (side-by-side Maytag MSD2456GEW, purchased in 2001) in order to move them into a new house.  When I re-attached the doors, I noticed that I could not get the right door to close properly.  I spent half-an-hour fiddling with the hinges, but to no avail.  The lower-left corner of the right door sticks out about 1/3 inch, and the upper-left corner of that door sticks out almost as much.

    Is there some kind of trick to getting the door aligned properly?  Despite numerous Internet searches and watching too many Youtube videos, I can't seem to find any reference to my specific problem.  All of the "door alignment" fixes are about adjusting the door left/right/up/down.


    This is the top hinge.  The screws are fixed, so I don't have much leeway, maybe about 1/4 inch.


    This is the bottom hinge.  I have even less leeway here.


    Here's the view from the bottom, where the two doors meet.  You can see on the top that the gasket of the left door fits perfectly.  The right door, however, has a large gap that gets narrower as you go right.  This is because the door itself sticks out about 1/3 inch.  Without pushing on the door, I cannot close this gap.


    And here's the view from the top.  The gap is much smaller, but that's mostly because the gasket is old.

  • Re: Cannot completely close refrigerator doors (after removing them)

    I finally managed to fix this myself.  I had to do two things:

    1. I followed the instructions on  This straightened out the door, but it still wouldn't close completely.
    2. I removed all the shelves in the door, and replaced them one-by-one.  One of the shelves must have been misaligned or something, because it was keeping the door from closing by itself

    My door now closes perfectly.

  • Re: Cannot completely close refrigerator doors (after removing them)

    Well, I’m glad you actually managed to fix it yourself, it’s surprising what you can put your mind to if you don’t have any input from anyone else! I had a similar problem once when I had to replace some doors of a double-door fridge for a client that asked for this favour whilst I was there on other plumbing business. Suffice it to say; although I managed to do it eventually it took me a solid 2 hours of removing shelves, re-aligning doors and so forth! Sometimes all that’s needed is dedication to the task in hand.


    Farrell Mackennon @ London City Plumbers

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