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Incorrect slope on roll in/curbless shower!!

Posted: 29 Jul 2013 9:29 AM By: Lilhaus Replies: 1

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  • Incorrect slope on roll in/curbless shower!!

    HELP! We just got a cottage built in 1932. CRAZY question:

    Someone tore out the bath tub and made a wet bath for a handicapped tenant. Not sure if they used a shower pan or mudded it themselves, but the slope is not great enough and there are NO curbs AND... this is the worst part... the slope actually DESCENDS into the adjoining  bedroom door threshold!!! It's a jack and jill- so both entry doors got this treatment! Also, where the tile meets the walls, it just sanitary tiles were used and NO sealing of any type! I guess they thot the water would never reach that far?!?!

    We pulled up the adjoining bedrooms' carpet. Found wet marks. Rot in one spot. Cut that out and looked under floor- crawl space is wet to down about 1/4 inch of top soil. Door trims at bottoms are wet/moldy. Wall is soggy and crumbling at bottoms all around.We removed the bottom of the door trim and cut out wet parts of old plaster down at the bottoms. Will replace those with correct materials.

    Is this a complete tear out or can we somehow install a curb ON TOP of the existing tile? Just around the section of the a 60x32 area. So the water stays in there and can't travel to the rest of the floor.

    OR- Can we install an acrylic shower floor (preformed at big box store) right over the existing tile and connect to drain?

    WHY, you ask, would I even question this??  This is a house we are renting from an elderly, low income gentleman. He has no money for a tear out. Of course, we do not want to put a ton of money into a rental. We do however, want to help him out as much as we can! And save his cute lil house! We are handy, but don;t want to make a bad situation worse!!

    Any creative ideas??

  • Re: Incorrect slope on roll in/curbless shower!!

    A few pictures would greatly help.....

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