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Sporadic Water in Basement Bathroom

Posted: 13 Sep 2013 10:49 AM By: ohiorick Replies: 4

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  • Sporadic Water in Basement Bathroom

    I'm getting a small amount of water in a basement bathroom and it's hard to figure out where it's coming from.

    I thought it was coming from the shower drain so I quit taking showers down there.  The water still showed up.

    I figured it must be a leak from the toilet so I bought a new wax ring.  The water QUIT showing up before I installed the ring.  (Still haven't changed the ring.)

    I thought it might be condensation from the toilet but it's too sporadic.

    Last night, the water showed up again after a heavy rain.  There are no cracks in the floor and the water shows up in the middle of the floor rather than against the wall. 

    Any ideas?


  • Re: Sporadic Water in Basement Bathroom

    Information to a home’s septic lines should be readily available to the owner.

    Consult a plumber or plumbing contractor to determine the source of water. Also check with your local building department and consult a plumbing contractor before you begin any work.A qualified plumber should be able to find the source of water.

  • Re: Sporadic Water in Basement Bathroom

    Is the floor tiled, etc.?

  • Re: Sporadic Water in Basement Bathroom

    I have the same problem and checked everything I could....noticed your question as to " is floor tiled" .  Yes, mine is....we laid ceramic tile this past year.   Will that cause like a wicking action and cause some standing water in the grouted areas of the tile?

    Thanks for your help.


  • Re: Sporadic Water in Basement Bathroom

    The original poster said there was no cracks in the floor, but didn't say if this was concrete or tile they were looking at. If the floor is tiled the concrete underneath could be cracked and allowing water to seep upward. There are several problems that could exist.

    1. Don't have the proper ground slope away from the foundation. 6% slope out 10'.

    2. Down spouts not working or directing water far enough away from the foundation.

    3. Sump pump not working.

    4. No drainage pipe or sump pump.

    5. Plugs in concrete floor failing.

    6. No way to channel water entering basement. Concrete floor abuts wall.

    7. Flower beds etc. against foundation trapping water and seeping into basement.

    8. Big cracks in basement walls.

    Let us know if any of this pertains to you.....

    This could be a possible solution for you.



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