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Vinyl Plank Flooring Mishap!

Posted: 13 Feb 2014 8:45 AM By: Jenamonkeu Replies: 3

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  • Vinyl Plank Flooring Mishap!

    Hi, I hired a contractor to put in flooring in my bathroom.    Instead of undercutting the door jambs, he did what you see in the picture below.  He also just didn't put in the underlayment.  I haven't paid him, and I'm not sure what to do.  Is this normal???  He tried to tell me it was normal unless I wanted to pay for "high end carpentry".  I know this isn't DIY, but I wasn't sure where else to turn for advice.  Can I legally not pay him, since I'm going to have to pay someone else to fix it??  Every single doorway looks like this and there are 4 in 2 bathrooms.  He offered to just put quarter round over it .. but that just doesn't seem like it would work w/ the door casing profile.  I want it done right! 

    Is there ANY time you wouldn't undercut the door jamb in this situation?  Was I stupid to assume that's what they would do??  Also, on the underlayment, I just don't know what to think.  We discussed it and I was talking to him on the phone when I bought it, so it was clear it was supposed to go in, but then he said "the box said it didn't need underlayment", which isn't what the flooring store told me when I bought the materials. 

    I realize I could paint the caulking and it wouldn't look like such an eyesore, but I'm concerned that the little pits and holes are going to be impossible to clean and cause issues going forward. 

    This is a vinyl plank floating floor w/ a click lock installation.  If flooring was baking.. this job would have been making a hamburger not a wedding cake IMO.  I think this contractor is trying to get away with doing a bad job, but I don't have enough experience with hiring people to be confident.  Can you help me decide what to do??


  • Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring Mishap!

    That is not normal...... 

    Do you have a contract.? 

    The underlayment is suppose to go under the floor.

    The jambs are always undercut, this allows the floor to slide under it so the edge is unseen.

    Quarter round is to be used along walls, not jambs. 

    Take pictures of the whole floor including the areas you mentioned. You will need them for court.

    Record your conversations with him ( let him know your recording ) , go over the whole job of how it's suppose to be done.

    "High end carpentry" what a joke.... The caulk doesn't even match... There's a chip of wood showing..

    Bad job, no, that's a terrible job.

    Reminds me of the drunks that do work for a case of beer.



  • Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring Mishap!

    What Ron said - this is a terrible job.  The difficult part of laying this type of flooring is prep and planning.

    I had a vinyl floor installer do the same thing to me on a threshold.  I told him, "The vinyl goes UNDER the threshold.  Do not for one second but it up to the threshold and caulk it."  This was an insurance claim.  I went to work, he completed the work, I got home, he butted/caulked.  Told a very unhappy insurance company that they could try again.

  • Re: Vinyl Plank Flooring Mishap!


    On behalf of all the good contractors, I'm sorry for the poor, poor work.  These are the kind of guys that give the rest of us a bad name.

    First off, If you haven't paid him his finally payout, don't.  Give him the opportunity to come back and fix the problem to your satisfaction.  Make sure you let him know what you are going to do.  Make sure to send him a written letter, at least once, explaining in detail the issue and what you expect to be done. Also, make sure one of the letters is certified, signature required. If he doesn't make a reasonable attempt to fix the issue, you have a few other options.

    Find someone else to make the repairs give him the final balance on pay and if there is a further charge you can either back charge the original contractor or absorb the cost yourself. Depending on what the final payout is, expect to be charged for the work.

    Then as a last resort, make use of the legal system..


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