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Shower Faucet Problem

Posted: 17 Feb 2014 10:28 PM By: nfd111 Replies: 3

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  • Shower Faucet Problem

    I had my home built about 2.5 years ago and the builder used Price Pfister faucets throughout the house. I wish I would have went with my gut and took the hit and bought my own quality faucets, but I was a moron and let them used this junk.


    I already replaced the kitchen faucet because I had no hot water pressure even after changing out the cartridge and the lines were checked and OK, so I got them to get me a check so I could buy a quality faucet and they installed it.  

    In my Master Bath I have a separate shower next to the garden tub. We had lost water pressure before in this faucet on 2 different occasions while it was under warranty.  The first time it happened the plumber took about 2 weeks to come replace the cartridge. The day before they came out it started working again but they replaced it anyway.  The 2nd time it happened they, again, took about 2 weeks to come out and this time it started working about 2 days before they arrived.  This time he left us the new cartridge in case it happened again and I could replace it myself.

    After my 2 year fit-and-finish warranty expired the faucet lost pressure again. Although now I'm stuck doing it myself. I pulled the old cartridge and put the new one in..... Nothing changed.  Everything was back together correctly but nothing changed so I put the old cartridge back in and it was still the same.  

    Apparently when I was tightening the set screw (hex head) in the handle the ball on the end of the hex wrench broke off. Occasionally the shower will work and get decent pressure for a few days, then it goes right back to no pressure.  I want to try to pull the cartridge and try to flush the lines to make sure there's no stone or sand or anything plugging one of the lines but I can't get the handle off because of the broken head in there. I tried to find a magnet small enough to fit in the hole but I'm guessing it's wedged in pretty good because it won't come out. I got on it with a drill bit the other day to try to drill it out but it didn't seem to be doing much.  The bit is roughly the same size of the wrench. 

    I'm lost at where to go from here.  Do I need to use a smaller drill bit? I am trying to do this without damaging the faucet in the event it's just a plugged line.  I really don't want to have to replace the faucet if I don't have to since there's no plumbing access and I will have to rip open the wall above my garden tub.  

    The faucet should be this one if it helps:


    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Re: Shower Faucet Problem

    Look at the link you provided close, at the bottom it says lifetime warranty, check to see if yours is on the list.

    Single Handle Shower ValvesThese have inserts. But just to let you know you should have access to the shut off valves, and the pipes. Some builders go skimpy and omit the shut valves and no access to the pipes, should something go wrong you have to shut off the whole house leaving you without water until the problem is fixed. 

    If you can't find something strong and pointy to get the piece out, you may have to purchase one of these.

    Screw extract kits....

    Screw Extractor and Drill Bit SetTake a small brill bit and drill a hole into the screw, then use the extractor to screw the screw out.

  • Re: Shower Faucet Problem

    Hi, I am planning to purchase a screw extract kit, any good brands you can advice? Thanks

  • Re: Shower Faucet Problem

    I bought an expensive kit, used it three times and lost it. So I purchased this one from Harbor Freight, it's works just as good and whole lot cheaper. Just read some of the reviews from others too.



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