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Need help, a bit of a riddle, kinda a long post.

Posted: 10 Apr 2014 10:39 PM By: bssage Replies: 2

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  • Need help, a bit of a riddle, kinda a long post.

    Short version:

    Need to secure the house to not keep wandering child in.  At the same time allow easy exit out, incase of emergency, and allow access from outside.


    Long version:

     My name is Bryan.  I have an Autistic 11 yr old daughter is Elopes.  Elopement is common for children on the Autism spectrum.  She also has no fear.  Several year ago she would elope early in the morning.  On three seperate occasions she was either brought back by, or had police on the scene.  She was walking down our 35mph road in just her Tshirt and panties.  Fast foward a few years to last week.  We felt we had the situation under control.  A door lock, Deadbolt, Hinge lock, Chain lock, & alarm.  

    Last week she eloped (left the house unsupervised), again early in the morning before we had woke for the day.  The first time she the lady at the house across the street from ours saw our little girl walking down the road @ 06:30 am in her pink coat,pajama bottoms and purple boots headed toward the highway.  She was kind enough and knowledgable enough to walk with her safely until we caught up to them.  The second time we caught her before she got out of our long drive.  

    In addition to the locks I mentioned above I have placed zip ties on the Chain lock's that allow me to use small combination padlocks.  (she has been unable to overcome combination locks).  These are not durrable intentionally.  We need to be able to pull the door free incase of emergency.  And they are additionally as the need to be unlocked from inside.  I work all hours which means the wife has to be woken to unlock the door for me to get in.


    I am planning on purchasing "double keyed electronic combination deadbolts"  Typically these are not "residential use" and are very pricey 1k.  The ones I intend on buying (dont know if I can link here) are $126 EA, and I will need three. So pretty expensive for me.


    Is there another way to accomplish the task of restricting exit without creating the other obsticals I mentioned?


  • Re: Need help, a bit of a riddle, kinda a long post.

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  • Re: Need help, a bit of a riddle, kinda a long post.

    I'm not  trying to claim knowing anything about autism, but a quick search revealed this..


    You may also want to look into electric doors. This is just one kind, there are several such as those in day cares where a button must be pushed. Don't quote me on this, but I think these can be connected to your alarm system.



    Here's one home made, this guy would know.




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