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how to color door

Posted: 30 Apr 2014 2:27 AM By: tfhprod10 Replies: 4

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  • how to color door

    need tips

  • Re: how to color door

    Smooth out the surface, apply primer then paint.

  • Re: how to color door

    Don't paint or stain the door in direct sunlight.

    Make sure you have the proper ventilation if done indoors.

    Use either a high quality brush, roller sleeve, or sprayer.

    If using paint mix well.

    Stain / varnish, read the direction.

    The two following links provides everything you need to know about painting including lots of tips.

    You may have to copy and paste the links.?




  • Re: how to color door

    I don't know the exact steps you should follow, but you must apply a primer before applying the paint.

  • Re: how to color door

    Sand the wood properly, apply primer, then paint. You can consider polishing if you like as it brings out the beauty of the wood and gives it a shiny look.


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