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car wash

Posted: 21 May 2014 2:01 AM By: prod66 Replies: 2

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  • car wash

    nedd innfo

  • Re: car wash

    About what?????  How to wash a car?  

    Go to Wally World, go to Automotive section, buy a bottle/gallon of CAR WASH soap.  Get a big sponge, 5 gallon bucket,.   Find a nice shady area to wash the car and fill bucket with a soap/water solution.  Spray the car with water and then get your sponge full of soap and wash car.  Do small section and rinse with garden hose.  Don't let the soap solution dry while on car.  Some people like to towel dry the car, but if it's an older vehicle, why bother?

  • Re: car wash

    There are a lot of good car shampoos with carnuba wax to choose from. If your're on a budget mode, ordinary shampoo and conditioner will do.

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