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Bath shower window

Posted: 3 Jun 2014 5:45 PM By: Medic7603 Replies: 4

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  • Bath shower window

    So. I've got one of those older houses that has a shower with a window in it. The bottom is about shoulder height and it is titled all the way to the ceiling around the window. The frame is wood, but the bottom window sill is peeling and I'm afraid of it continuing and getting real water damage. I scraped the paint up and pushed into the wood. It feels pretty solid so I don't think there's any real serious water damage as of yet. I'm pretty novice to this but what is the best way to fix this? I am on a budget and can't really afford a rip out of the window, and I really don't want to put up a second shower curtain on that side of it. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated as well as going easy on this new guy. 

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    Going to need some pictures.?

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  • Re: Bath shower window

    You really need to think about doing it the right way then on the cheap. The cheap may cost you more money down the road.

    But budgets are budgets....

    If everything seems to be in good condition and not wet.?

    Scrape the peeled up paint, pull out all the old caulk and let dry completely. Use a fan for at least 24 hrs.

    Sand all areas keeping the sand paper from hitting the bull nose.

    Vacuum the area well.

    Use a good exterior oil base primer.

    Use a good exterior oil base enamel.

    Then use exterior 100% silicone caulk to seal where needed.

    That's as cheap as it gets.....



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    You gotta scrape the old paint before repainting it.

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