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Shower stall does not reach studs

Posted: 5 Aug 2014 9:50 PM By: E2O-n-2010 Replies: 3

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  • Shower stall does not reach studs

    Hello everyone,


    Here is my situation. I recently began a bathroom remodel where I ripped everything down to the studs. In short the existing tile shower was hideous and needed to be removed. We decided to go with an alcove shower kit to make things easy but the plumbing, which is set in a solid concrete foundation, does not allow for the walls of the shower to reach the studs. I have a 2 inch gap on one wall and a 3 inch gap on another.


    My question is, what is the best way to handle this situation? Should I rip down some 2x4's and build an additional frame to attach to the existing frame or would attaching thick furring strips to the studs do the trick? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.



  • Re: Shower stall does not reach studs

    Can you post some pictures.?

  • Re: Shower stall does not reach studs

    You need to post some pictures and then we can help you better.


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  • Re: Shower stall does not reach studs

    You'll need to "sister" some studs to the existing studs to extend the wall out, I'd buy some 6" studs, and then extend out 3", and 2" where needed.  Extend the wall deeper than the surround, then make a corner to the existing wall.  Make sure you are square on all walls and shim where necessary.  Photos are helpful.

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