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Barker Board

Posted: 28 Feb 2011 8:27 PM By: CPAW Replies: 2

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  • Barker Board

    This is the name of this product it is a inexpensive way to put up a surround in the comes in 3 pieces and put up with liquid nails.The problem is the finish is coming off in the corner and brown is showing through is there a way to repair this like the appliance scratch paint ,but waterproof tor the tub and shower?

  • Re: Barker Board

    That stuff is just pressboard with a shiny finish, I would have never used it for a shower. your best be is to just use tub caulk for a quick fix or touch it up with some epoxy putty (EP-400 in Plumbing dept. easy to use) and epoxy paint to match.

    I keep a tube in my truck, plumbing and carpentry boxes. Good for wood repairs too sands like Bondo.

  • Re: Barker Board

      Go to your local habitat Restore and buy tile and do a good job of just replacing it entirely.  You can get tile for $0.25 a sq. ft.  Measure and add 20% for cutting and waste.  For about $100 you can do the shower/tub surround.  They have lots of the white ones, and some really crazy colors too!  If you stick with white, you can get the trim pieces from a home supply if the Restore does not have them.

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