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kitchen faucet slow flow

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 1:29 PM By: salvatore Replies: 2

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  • kitchen faucet slow flow

    My husband replaced my kitchen sink faucet and the water flow is very slow. I noticed that it remains the same when I use the spray nozzle. Everything seems to be hooked up OK. My previous faucet had no problem.

    I also have a problem with my samsung refrigerator(I will never purchase another Samsung product) A little over 1 year after purchase it keeps building ice on the vents in the back of the refrigerator and the temperature does not seem to be what the led readout claims.  I have shut the entire refrigerator down and defrosted several times, but it continues to refreeze.

  • Re: kitchen faucet slow flow

    For the Faucet....

    1. Check to make sure that your husband has the shut off valve completely open.

    2. Check the aerator. At the end of the spout there is a cap, twist it off and clean the screen.

    For the refrigerator...

    1. If this is still under a warranty use it..

    2. Make sure that when the door is closed it's making a good seal. Clean the magnetic strip and where it meets the frig. Test the seal using a Dollar bill, shut the door on the Dollar and try to pull it out. If the magnetic strip ( gasket) seals properly, you will fell tension as it grips the the bill.

    3. Clean the condenser coils. look in the manual for this, clean using a brush and vacuum.

    4. As for the LED read out. Purchase a thermometer and place it in the frig and compare the the two.

    For other possible problems you may want to hire a pro. If not, go to a book store and purchase a book on trouble shooting with major appliances.

  • Re: kitchen faucet slow flow

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