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range hood venting

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 11:05 PM By: chickory Replies: 2

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  • range hood venting

    Our range hood is currently vented up into the attic & ends about 3" below the ridge vent. We have a 2 yr old metal roof & my husband thinks it is stupid to vent the range hood thru the roof, says the cost is high & the range steam, etc will just go on up the remaining 3" or so by the pull from the ridge vent. Is this true? I can't believe he agreed not to vent this to the outside to begin with. This house was built in 1960 & apparently it was never vented to the outside. My husband says that is proof that it is not needed as he said it looks fine in the attic. We are both adamant about our beliefs about this. Help!

  • Re: range hood venting

    If you have a filter on your hood to catch the grease it's not going to hurt anything the way it is.If you don't want to cut into the roof you could vent out through the soffit. That would keep the roof intact and you would need to shorten the vent pipe before turning it toward the eave.

  • Re: range hood venting

    Hi Chickory.  You are right on this one.  The hood should be vented to the outside.  I don't know where you live, but venting into the attic could cause a number of problems including...moisture/mold, ice, backdrafting,...etc.  I doesn't cost that much to cut a hole in the roof and install a vent...especially if you already have the vent run up to within 3" of the ridge.

    If you have one of those large commercial hoods, you may want to consider a heat exchanger or cold air intake to prevent a negative pressure in your home.  Negative pressure can be dangerous if you have any fuel burning appliances (i.e. furnace, fireplace, hot water heater...etc.)  I have a blog post on this topic if you are interested at blog.armchairbuilder.com

    Hope this helps.




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