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Shower temperature variations

Posted: 11 Jan 2013 8:51 PM By: John_Norton Replies: 3

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  • Shower temperature variations

    The temperature in my shower varies from hot to cold. It will be hot for about four seconds, then cold for about four seconds. This occurs through the entire lenght of the shower. This happens in both bathrooms. The house uses a well, and I have seen the pressure guage follow the same pattern. Does this indicate that the pressure tank needs to be replaced? What else could cause such an annoyance? 

  • Re: Shower temperature variations

    When you're pressure tank began to go bad before replacing it, check first if there's any leak or loose of connection that might be the cost of the problem of decreasing in pressure.


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  • Re: Shower temperature variations

    From your final comments, I might think that your pump is cycling and whatever you are experiencing in apparent shower temperature variations is due to the pressure fluctuations.  When the temp changes, does the water output change as well?  If you have a pressure balance or "anti-scald" shower control valve?  If so, if the pump is cycling and the system pressure is fluctuating, this could be causing the balance valve to reduce the hot water flow.  The reduction in hot water may also just be due to the pressure and flow variations as the pump is cycling.

    Soooo .. if the pump is cycling every four seconds, or so, you may have to bleed or recharge your pressure tank.  Some use pressure from the pump to equalize and keep a layer of air above the water in the tank (older styles) and most newer types are directly pressurized via a schrader valve.  The older type does not use a bladder to separate the water and air, but the newer ones do.  If the bladder is ruptured (leaking), it will not hold pressure and the tank will need to be replaced.

  • Re: Shower temperature variations

    On a well.....

    Do you have a water filter in the system.? All wells need a filter to keep mud etc. from entering the system. take the shower heads off and look see if there is foreign matter present, if so clean out and re-install making sure to use pipe tape.



    If you have a single handle valve that handles both hot/cold.

    Some of these types comes with a Monitor Scald-Guard valve. Your's maybe going bad.

    Check and see what brand you have.? Some major brands offer lifetime warranties..

    Note: Check all faucets for the same symptoms, and clean if necessary. If the problem is none of above and the symptoms are still present, have a pro check your hot water heater.


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