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Replace rotted-out bottom of kitchen sink cabinet

Posted: 19 Aug 2010 8:52 AM By: rmwalter Replies: 2

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  • Replace rotted-out bottom of kitchen sink cabinet

    I am being asked to replace the bottom of a kitchen sink cabinet.  You know the one, where a leak was ignored for so long that the bottom of the cabinet rotted out, and the reverse osmosis tank fell through the floor of the cabinet and rests on the sub-floor!  The cabinet is a corner unit too, and the sink and countertop as well as all the other cabinets seem to be in fine shape. The face frame between the 2 doors accessing the area will make it hard to get a single piece of coated MDF to replace the  floor.  ANY Advice?


  • Re: Replace rotted-out bottom of kitchen sink cabinet

    Remove all the wet rotted wood plus any that you can reach. Allow the area to dry very well using fans if you need to. Once the area is accessible and thoroughly dry seal it with a good oil based exterior primmer. Now the cabinet area is workable, clean, dry and sealed build a frame out of Pressure Treated 2"x4" wood around the interior perimeter and one going down the middle. Carefully measure the area that needs covering. Cut out the new floor deck. Next cut it in half. You'll be able to place one half over the back portion and resting on the 2"x4" framing and over half of the cross member you added inside the frame. Next insert the second portion of the new deck butting it up to the first section resting on half of the cross member. Now the deck is complete and covering the damaged area with all new material. Stop in the Big Box Store near you and buy enough "Self-sticking Floor Tile" to cover the new floor deck under the cabinet. You may have to make additional cut-outs for water supply lines or drain pipes. This will be possible by adjusting where you cut the deck panel in half at. Just adjust the cut ling to dissect the drain pipe in the middle. Adjust where you install the cross member support 2"x4" so you can make half circle cut-outs to fit on each side of the pipe and butting up to each other. I hope I explained this simple fix clearly enough for you. If not just ask and I'll try to clarify.


  • Re: Replace rotted-out bottom of kitchen sink cabinet

    Note that when I did something similar, I made liberal use of paint that contained something that made it resistant to mold. I recommend that you do the same.

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