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Ingenious tool storage tip: Rotary bit organizer

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I’m not implying that everyone’s shop is a mess. I’m just saying that everyone can appreciate a creative tip for storing their tools. Check out this one:

Rotary bit organizerRotary bit organizer

If you have a rotary tool, you know how hard it is to keep track of the bits. This rotary bit organizer may just inspire a renaissance of rotary tool use in your shop. Friction-fit a piece of 3/4-in. plastic foam in a snap-lid plastic food container. Then poke holes in the plastic foam with an awl to hold shafted bits, and slice crevices with a utility knife to hold cutoff discs. Using a spade bit at high speed, drill sockets for larger bits and tube-shape containers. Once your bits are in order, you can rediscover how useful they can be.

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— Elisa Bernick, Associate Editor

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      nice!  but..most attachments i buy (always the high-piece-count ones) already have wonderful, perfect cases that store the pieces perfectly arranged...like the ones available from harbor freight (and at a great price, too)

    • by posted on

      I love the simplicity of this idea. I am a big fan of organization because it's easy to do and it helps keep projects going a lot faster since you don't have to always look for the things you need to do the job. Great creative thinking. I have several bits in my toolbox that do not have something to keep them together. They are just laying in their respective places in my toolbox so I know where they are when I want them.

    • by posted on

      This is a great storage tip. Though I could not find the exact storage box, but I was able to modify an existing toolbox, and placed compartments for my rotary bits. It does not look the same way, but the functionality of it works very much the same.  It was difficult at first since the box I found was a little unconventional, but I was able to find ways and means to place compartments and designed the slots properly that it does not look like a storage box for my rotary bits. Since then, I experimented on old compartment boxes and storage units re-modeled these

    • by posted on

      This idea is really creative and definitely practical for convenience and easy retrieval that can help to ensure you will not lose a tool/bit anymore. I think it can also be used to organize many other small bits and pieces like jewelry. It will be perfect for me to use such storage boxes to keep things in order before storing them all in my storage unit to stay clutter-free.

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