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Suspended ceiling panels: Cheap, easy and elegant

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Let’s say you have an ugly ceiling or you’ve had some roof leaks (that you’ve fixed, right?) but you’ve got some stains left behind. Or maybe, you just want to soften a room that has a vaulted or unusually high ceiling. My husband and I have this situation in our loft-style living room. We built these super-easy fabric panels to soften the industrial-looking ceiling:

screen frame constructionscreen frame constructionFinished screenfinish lighted panel

You can use any lightweight fabric (a sheer fabric gives them a nice shimmer) and make the panels any size and in any number you want. We overlapped our panels and made them slightly different widths and lengths to vary the look. The cool thing about these suspended panels is how the fabric seems to float within the frame.

To accomplish this, we constructed an inner and outer frame out of scrap 1-by material. The inner frame is just slightly smaller than the outer frame. We wrapped the inner frame with fabric and stapled it to the inside edge of the frame. Then we nailed a few braces to span the outside frame so we could screw through them into the edges of the fabric-covered inner frame to connect them.

We suspended the finished panels from the ceiling using screw eyes, L-brackets and picture-hanging wire. Cool, huh?

— Elisa Bernick, Associate Editor


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      thats what they make kilz paint.

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