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House painting: My favorite wood filler

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MH Ready Patch


MH Ready Patch wood filler has been around for a long time, and for good reason. Its creamy consistency is perfect for leveling out shallow imperfections. I use it to fill plywood edges before painting to mask the laminations. It’s fabulous for preparing old painted woodwork before coating. Spread it over all the thin edges of the old paint, sand it off and the wood will look like new after the recoat.


Because MH Ready Patch is almost runny, it gets down into those little holes left over from brad heads. Unlike two-part fillers, it won’t fill deep holes well, and it can’t be stained, so it’s never to be used unless you’re painting. And be sure to prime it before painting. Otherwise it might show through the finished surface. Buy it for about $9 per quart at Amazon.com or your local paint store.


— Travis Larson, Senior Editor

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      I agree that this stuff is great.  Being a professional handyman I can say it work on most woodworking repair applications.  I did however find one thing it did not do good on.  I had a really bad rot spot on a wood garage door and used it to patch.  it did not hold up to good because the movement of the door going up and down worked it loose and it cracked.  Other than that I have had good luck with this product.

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      Which this work on a crack in vertical wood siding? Or is it too runny?

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      *Will this.

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