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Laundry room storage ideas: A home for hangers

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A home for hangers
When I remodeled my laundry room, my motto was “a home for everything.” I installed cabinets and shelves and drawers and pegboard…

But the nicest little storage feature is this towel bar mounted under a cabinet. It keeps hangers untangled and within easy reach as clothes come out of the dryer. If you want to install one, check the thickness of the cabinet before you drive screws. I discovered that a screw through the bottom of a detergent jug won’t cause a leak until you yank the jug out of the cabinet. 

Gary Wentz, Senior Editor

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      I did this too, on a larger scale, since we have an extended family that equals 6. With 2 going to work, & one in school. Lotsa changes of clothes and not much closet space. I used plastic cheap towel bars like for the bathroom. We just have shelves. On the other side which has a 8 ft. shelf, I just put up 1/2" round on the edge so things could be hung & not slide off. It became an "open closet" but it kept clothes on hangers, which didn't fall down when one walked by.

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      This is a simply yet very practical idea. My hangers are chucked away in one huge basket or just a little storage container and it could get really frustrating at times if they do get entangled with one another. It makes my laundry take up much more time than actual. I tried hanging them at my window but that takes up too much space. I will most certainly suggest this idea to my husband and hope he can just drill this simple towel hanger to our cabinet by this weekend.

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      Solutions do not necessarily require the involvement of hefty expenditure but instead just some creative ideas that are out of the box. For my storage unit, I also utilize the space as much as possible by putting in shelves and racks which help to maximize storage to a very high level.

    • by posted on

      Now this is a neat little storage trick for hangers that I wouldn't have thought of myself! Thanks for sharing it!

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