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How to drywall: A finishing shortcut

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Most home improvement shortcuts lead to trouble. But here’s one that makes drywall finishing faster without regrets later: In closets and other low-priority areas, don’t tape and mud inside corners. Instead, caulk them. I first tried this trick on wall and ceiling corners 20 years ago—and those corners still look good. There are just four things you need to know:

1. When you hang the rock, keep gaps to a minimum. You can get away with 1/8-in. gaps, but not wider.

2. Finish all the tapered joints and get a coat of primer on the rock before you caulk. Caulking directly over the absorbent paper facing leads to an ugly caulk job.

3. Use a high-quality acrylic latex caulk. I once used dirt-cheap “painter’s caulk” and got cracks within a year.

4. Don’t tell anyone. Critics will think you’re a lazy slouch. But if you don’t tell them, they’ll never notice.

— Gary Wentz, Senior Editor

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      I agree with you on this one Gary.  The other thing I would suggest....if your finishing you're basement, stand the drywall board up when hanging.  So if you have an eight foot tall basement wall, stand the board (4x8 sheets) up.  This  will eliminate the butt joints.  Butt joints are the non-tapered ends of the board which require more coats of drywall to finish properly.  So by eliminating the butt joints, you use less drywall mud, save time, and the finished product looks better.

    • by posted on

      Great idea, Gary. When my drywall contractor left my job because several of his tapers quit(pay dispute) I had to take over. This caulk idea I had to use because the contractor put the sheets on sideways, he said it was faster. Butt joints,HAHAHAHA. So caulk it was. Thanks for great stuff. I will definately order your magazine because I am now having to do the rest of the home makeover myself.

    • by posted on

      Drywall edges are tapered down and most often the finished edge is placed into the corner against the ceiling. How do you overcome the tapered look that is eliminated when it filled flat when tape and mud are used?

    • by posted on

      When all else fails use your caulk

    • by posted on

      I would have to believe that using caulk would lower the fire rating of sheetrock.%0d%0a

    • by posted on

      I would have to believe that using caulk would lower the fire rating of the sheet rock wall.

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