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Sharpen a chain saw blade in two minutes with the Oregon PowerSharp

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Oregon PowerSharp chain saw sharpener

I hate sharpening chain saws. It takes forever and interrupts your woodcutting, and I’m never quite happy with the results. There are all kinds of gimmicks you can buy to make the job easier, but nothing quite like the Oregon PowerSharp. Not only does it work, but you can sharpen your chain in two minutes in the middle of the woods. Just clip on the sharpener, start up the saw, and with the chain whizzing along at full blast, push the plunger against a stump or log or tree or whatever. The device works by pushing a sharpening stone against the teeth as they pass by. Unclip the sharpener and you’re ready to commence cutting again. The whole operation genuinely takes less than two minutes. [Watch the Oregon PowerSharp video below!]
But here’s the catch. You have to buy the whole kit, including a bar, chain and sharpener. That’s because the chain is completely the opposite of a normal chain. The teeth are sharp on the outside edge instead of the recessed edge. Plus, the bar has special holes to receive the sharpener. The whole kit and caboodle costs about $60 from amazon.com. The bar is a one-time expense. When the chain and sharpener wear out, you can buy a kit containing both for about $35. The PowerSharp system isn't available for all saws. Go to powersharp.com and check under "Product Selector" to find out whether it will work with your saw. You can purchase it from our affiliate Amazon.com: Oregon 541662 PowerSharp Guide Bar, Chain, And Sharpener Kit

— Travis Larson, Senior Editor

Check out the Oregon PowerSharp at work in this video:

Learn more about Using a Chain Saw Safely.

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      This worked great until the 1st sharpening. When I finished the sharpening process the chain will not cut through to any depth without binding enough that I must cut the saw off  and remove the blade to extract it from the cut. What did/have I done??.

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