Bathroom remodeling issue is on sale at your favorite magazine retailer now!

The Family Handyman October 2011 Issue
In our October 2011 issue, which hits the newsstands today, we’ll show you how to redo your bathrooms without the hassle of a complete remodel. You can improve the storage with a brand new vanity and update the look and function with a new sink, faucet and light fixtures. And because we’re The Family Handyman, we’ll show you a few tricks to save you money and speed up the job.

No bathroom remodeling on your to-do list? Pick up a copy of the October issue and we’ll show you a whole lot more:

How to defeat rust
The three best ways to remove it and two crucial steps to prevent its return.

Home Repair Special Section
A veteran contractor details his favorite fixes for sticking faucets, wobbly stair rails and more.


Super simple router table
Four hours and 40 bucks gets you a big, sturdy table that’s super easy to store.


Plumbing with PEX
We’ve got the answers to common questions, plus tips for fast, leak- free installation.

The Stuff We Love
A special collection of products we love for the bathroom, from silly to sublime.

Can you save with solar?
It’s a big up-front investment. Find out whether it will pay off for you.


Carve pumpkins with power!
Forget kitchen utensils. Power tools make better jack-o’-lanterns.

Car & Garage
Time to put away your summer ride? Here’s how to store it so it’s road-ready next spring.

Shop Rat
Are your hand tools all over the place? Build this terrific tool tray tower.

See it in action: Making duplicate drawer bottoms for a Tool Tray Tower

All this, plus Handy Hints, Wordless Workshop and Great Goofs. Check it out!