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How to install doors faster

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I’ve been a contractor for 10 years and have installed lots of doors the traditional way. But I recently discovered this little gem: The Quick Door Hanger is a simple bracket that you screw to the doorjamb (six per door). Then you screw the bracket to the wall framing. That’s it—no fumbling with shims, no nail holes in the jamb. And if the fit isn’t quite right, just unscrew a screw or two to readjust. It’s fast and foolproof, and it costs less than $6 per door. Working alone, I was able to hang six doors in two hours. For full instructions, retailers and a video, go to thequickdoorhanger.com.

quick door hangerquick door hanger
Jim Smiley— Jim Smiley, Field Editor

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      Thanks for this great tip.  I live at Home Depot being a handyman you would think I would have seen this fatastic time saver.  You sold me!

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      We just bought a few new doors to replace in our home. I hope that we can get them installed within the next week. We bought all the doors in mahogany and I am excited to see how they look with the newly decorated rooms. http://www.kohlen.com.au

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      This would be fantastic, but only for situations where the framing (and drywall) is perfectly straight and plumb, and the doors are straight.%0d%0a%0d%0aThe clips, once attached to the door and the door in the opening, are not adjustable for in-and-out.%0d%0a%0d%0aI have run into so many instances where walls are out of plumb, bowed, or wrong thickness.  There is a lot of fudging that needs to be done to get the best fit.%0d%0a%0d%0aI have also run into doors assemblies that are warped and need to be adjusted so that the door will close properly.

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