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How to remove rust from a table saw

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TopSaver rust remover
It’s guaranteed. One of my pals comes over to my shop and I offer him a brew. I turn my back and before I know it, there’s an ice-cold beer sitting on my cast iron table saw, sweating condensation. That means instant rust ring. But that’s not the only problem. Cast iron tables will always rust just from humidity. Then two things happen: Your wood gets marked up, and it doesn’t slide smoothly across the surface.

I solve both problems with a bottle of TopSaver (made by Empire) and a random orbit sander. Mist the surface and wait a few minutes. Then stick an old sheet of rough sandpaper on the sander and rest it on a brown Scotch-Brite pad and scrub the surface with the sander running. Then wipe the whole surface clean and run through the whole process again if you still see rust. Polish the surface with a cloth and you’ll have a rust-free surface that wood will glide over like it’s on ice. Not only that, the TopSaver will prevent rust from re-forming for quite a while, even in the hot, humid summer.

You can order an 8-oz. bottle from our affiliate Amazon.com: Top Saver Rust Remover and Lubricant


— Travis Larson, Senior Editor

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