Bobcat 3400 4x4 Utility Vehicle

Know what a utility vehicle is? Well, it's like a mini 4x4 pickup truck that can go just about anywhere. Bobcat loaned me one of its 3400 series for a couple of weeks, and man, I got so hooked I didn’t want to give it back. This two-seater is like a small version of a WWII Jeep, and I haven’t had that much fun since my dad sold my dirt bike back in ‘74. You step on the brake, turn the key and you’re off to the races. It goes about 30 mph in high gear and has a low-range tranny for pulling Sherman tanks out of mud holes or climbing steep terrain. Who’s it for? Anyone who wants a snowmobile/ATV/mini pickup/golf cart all rolled into one. So it’s for farmers, hunters, anglers, ranchers or people who just want to go trail riding in comfort and style.


The 3400 has a cargo bed that’s about 3 x 5 ft. and carries a remarkable 1,100 lbs. But that’s not the best part. Push a button and the bed dumps via hydraulics. Nice. You guys who heat with wood, take note. There’s no better way to get back into the woods and then get the wood out of the woods than this machine. Bobcat has several versions including a diesel engine (4x4 3400), the 3200 (2x4) and the 3450, which accepts front-end attachments like snow blades, buckets and mowers. I’m seriously thinking of bagging one of these bad boys. The bad news? A brand new one like the one I played around with will set you back 12K. Check them out at

-Travis Larson

The Family Handyman Senior Editor, Travis Larson, takes this Bobcat 3400 4x4 utility vehicle out for a run.



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