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Bathroom ideas: The power of the shower

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I've done a lot of remodeling, and I'm pretty sure I'm about to share the absolute fastest and easiest home improvement project I've ever completed. The difference is amazing.


Addison showerhead by Delta FaucetOn a recent trip to Indianapolis, I had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters of Delta Faucet Company. When I left, I snuck out with a showerhead, pictured to the left. (Photo courtesy of Delta Faucet.) This awesome showerhead is part of the Addison Series by Delta Faucet. The list price is $87 and it's available from our affiliate Amazon.com.


So here's the big deal: I unscrewed the old showerhead and screwed this one on. Elapsed time: About one minute max.


My old showerhead had good pressure and a nice spray, so I was skeptical that I'd be wanting to leave the new Delta Showerhead in place, even after an impressive demonstration at Delta HQ. That skepticism was short-lived indeed. I was immediately impressed with the look of the new showerhead, which really is a very nice-looking piece of plumbing hardware. However, it was the first shower that sealed the deal. I was instantly converted. No going back now.


This showerhead uses a new Delta Faucet technology that the company refers to as H2O Kinetic. I'll spare you the fully technical explanation and share the highlights:

1. The size of the water droplets is controlled and varied.

2. The direction of the water spray is not static...it moves.

3. There is no induction of air into the shower spray, so the water stays warmer.


I'm telling you what: It feels like twice the volume of water (even though, at only 2 gpm flow, it actually uses less than my old showerhead), and the temperature difference is significant. I can literally compare the flow to a waterfall. You instantly recognize the lack of voids in the water spray. I didn't realize they were there, until they were gone.


Tim Layton

I can't think of any project in your house that can make more of an improvement in your life with anywhere near so little effort. Again, this took less than one minute to accomplish. If you're looking for that elusive touch of awesome in your bathroom remodel, give this showerhead a try. You'll love it!


— Tim Layton


Tim Layton was once a wealthy building contractor. He's now a starving blogger who writes at remodelingguy.net and everythingetsy.com.


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    • by posted on

      Too bad that it's a fixed shower head. I like to feel the water pulse all over my body and not just my head and shoulders. OR can I sneak a shower hose on this shower head, but then how would I hang it back up?

    • by posted on

      based on this recommendation, I decided to purchase this showerhead.  Neither my wife nor I liked it.  Because you can't return used plumbing fixtures, it was an $80+ waste of money.

    • by posted on

      Yeah, I was sucked in by this recommendation as well.  Bought the showerhead and what a disappointment!  Out of the box it felt cheap.  Once installed it performed poorly.  The flow was much worse than my oxygenics showerhead that it replaced.  I swapped the old one back on and junked the new one.  Maybe I can get something for it at a yard sale.

    • by posted on

      I signed up just to say that I think this review is misleading. I first read this in the hard copy magazine & was intrigued. Did a Google & found the same review (although I didn't recognize it as the same review/reviewer) on, I believe, Amazon.com. Couldn't find this model in a brick & mortar store, so I ordered it online to replace a Delta In2ition that I liked, but was just too big for my bathtub shower.

      Bottom line: the product is adequate but I can find nothing to give it the glowing review I see here (and, if you look, Layton's review appears in several places online). I wouldn't be surprised if Delta paid him to write it. And frankly, I'm disappointed that Family Handyman doesn't vet new products any better than this. I'll take recommendations from both Mr. Layton and, sadly, Family Handyman--which I've subscribed to for years--with a grain of salt after buying an $80+ shower head that performs at least as well as those that cost half to a third of its price.

    • by posted on

      Shower head had good pressure and a nice spray, so I was skeptical that I'd be wanting to leave the new Delta Shower head in place, even after an impressive demonstration at Delta HQ. That skepticism was short-lived indeed. I was immediately impressed with the look of the new shower head, Really shower head has a great power and it is really a nice idea for bathroom.


    • by posted on

      I liked this shower head as it does seem to have more power that average.  Has anyone tried the showerhead at:  www.best-shower-head.com ?

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