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Kitchen and bathroom ideas: Delta Touch2O Faucet is the almost perfect faucet

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Addison faucet by Delta FaucetWhy can't something just be totally perfect? Must there always be a catch?


These are the questions I've been asking myself in the days and weeks since I replaced my kitchen faucet with a new Touch2O faucet from Delta Faucet. (The Addison lavatory faucet is shown at right; photo courtesy of Delta Faucet.)


You see, the faucet itself is perfect! Totally perfect. But there is a catch.


First, let's talk about why these faucets, which are available for both kitchen and bath, are perfect.


1. Easy installation. In the box you'll find pretty much everything you need to do the installation on a standard setup, even a special little wrench designed to make the installation easier. The directions are easy to understand with nice, clear graphics showing you how to do the job. Great for a visual learner like me!


2. Beautiful design. This faucet is hot! The finish is beautiful (mine is a brushed stainless), and the high arch of the spout is a wonderful change from the old-fashioned faucet we had. Attractive handle, too!


3. Functional design. The sprayer doubles as a handheld sprayer just by pulling it out of the spout, where it's held nicely in place with a magnet. (The magnet is a brilliant idea.) The high, arching spout does more than just look great. It works great, too. Big pots, no problem.


4. Rockin' awesome touch feature! The touch feature is beyond-words great. You might think, "What's the big deal—how hard is it to turn on a faucet?" I was right there with you but no longer. Once you go touch, you'll never go back.


So, what's the drawback? What's the big "catch" that's going to be a part of my life for the foreseeable future? 


Don't laugh...


Now, whenever any of our family visits anyone and attempts to use the kitchen faucet, we walk right up and smack it one. Sometimes, we smack it a second time a little harder because it so rudely rebuffed our first, gentle touch. About this time, we usually realize we're dealing with "old-timey" plumbing and recover accordingly, but the damage is done as our hosts look at us with that "Are you OK?" quizzical expression.


Oh well, whatcha gonna do? Life's rough.


Tim Layton


— Tim Layton


Tim Layton was once a wealthy building contractor. He's now a starving blogger who writes at remodelingguy.net and everythingetsy.com.





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You can purchase the Delta Addison single-handle, pull-down kitchen faucet through our affiliate Amazon.com.


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      The touch feature (actually a no-touch feature) is grat when your hands are covered in dirt or gunk. Enough said.

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