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Running PEX water supply lines

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Supporting PEX lines

I recently replumbed a house with PEX. The house was sitting on a crawl space with nothing but gravel for a floor. Simply resting the PEX on the ground didn't seem like a good idea, but I was a bit mystified as to how to support the flimsy tubing as it ran from the utility room to each fixture. Then it dawned on me. Everywhere there were water supply lines running, there obviously were drain lines as well. Nice, sturdy, well-supported ABS plastic lines. So why not use those to support the PEX? It worked fabulously. I just zip-tied the PEX right to the lines. No muss, no fuss.  

— Travis Larson, Senior Editor

For all the dope on PEX, check out:






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      Great idea! The only thing that I may have done differently would be to isolate the hot and cold line by running on opposite sidess of the pipe. - David

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      I agree with DavidPaul. The cold lines need to remain cold but it is a GRAND idea for hot water. The drains usually provide enough heat to keep hot water lines warm even with occasional use.

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      Big fan of the pex system. Though, it's not acceptable under the NYC building  codes. Which is unfortunate, because of cost effectiveness and the ease of installations.



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      You can also use j-pins (I think they are called) to fasten the pex line to your floor joyce (sp). Just like electrical  wiring.

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      You can also use j-hooks (I think that is what they are called) to secure your pex lone to the floor joyce (sp). Just like you would for the electrical wire running under floor.

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      To identify which line is which you can run different colors. Blue for cold and red for hot. I redid my house water lines a few years ago.

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