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A New Faucet: Hard Choices, Easy Installation

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I've installed hundreds of faucets over the years, but none recently. Yesterday I learned that choosing a faucet is tough and installing one is easier than it used to be. 


The tough part in choosing a faucet is that there are way too many choices. As we approached faucet display wonderland at The Home Depot, my wife's eyes lit up like a kid at a carnival, and I knew this would not be a quick decision. I told her to pick one with ceramic disc valves (because I don't want to fix another drippy faucet—ever). Then I headed for the tool aisle, leaving her to browse the wide selection of faucets with the help of the in-store designer.


She chose an American Standard faucet, which turned out to be good news for me. American Standard faucets have a bunch of easy-installation features. My favorite is the SpeedConnect drain, which is cable-operated (see video link below). Just screw the cable to the drain assembly and it's done. No adjustments, no leaks. Plus, the faucet she chose included preinstalled water supply lines, which meant even less work for yours truly.


American Standard Espana 260-412 in satin nickel finish
SpeedConnect drain assembly
With the SpeedConnect drain assembly, you screw the cable to the drain—no adjustments, no fuss.


My 6-year-old watched the whole installation process. She usually marvels at my DIY skills. But this time she just said, "I could do that." She's probably right.


See how easy it is to install a faucet with the SpeedConnect system. (video at americanstandard-us.com)

Sponsored by American Standard


Gary Wentz,Senior Editor

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