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Favorite Electrical Tool

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Every time I install new electrical cable, I wind up using three tools. First I use a utility knife to slice down the center of the cable jacket and remove the excess jacket. I figure I'm doing well if I don't slice my hand in the process. Then I use a wire stripper tool to remove insulation from each wire. Finally, I use an electrician's pliers to bend the copper wire ends into loops. Well, I'm giving up on all those tools now that I own the Ideal Industries brand Lil' Ripper Stripper (No. 45-025; $6 at amazon.com).


Lil' Ripper Stripper in Action
HDMI cable
Save time on electrical cable preparation and installation with a multi-purpose tool like Ideal Industries' Lil' Ripper Stripper.


Just shove the ripper end into the cable jacket and push it up the cable. It cuts without damaging any wires. Then use the built-in jacket-cutting blade to remove the excess jacket. Strip wires with the stripper blades built into the side of the tool. To bend loops, just insert the copper wire into a hole and rotate the tool—instant loops! As if the tool doesn't do enough, jam a wire nut into the end and use the tool as a wire nut wrench. This tool really saves time because it does it all. I'm really impressed with the design.


— Rick Muscoplat, Contributing Editor

For dozens of electrical tips and projects, search "electrical" on familyhandyman.com.

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